Startup Consulting Case Study

Ongoing strategy consulting for rapidly growing Brisbane-based InsurTech Software start-up


  • Technology start-up with a leading-edge dynamic API data abstraction platform and integrated functional applications to automate and transform end-to-end processes particularly in large and diverse supply-chain industries.
  • Had successfully tendered with several large blue-chip clients (ASX100 and multi-nationals) and was struggling to manage the pipeline of delivery activity while still financially boot-strapping.
  • Given the maturity of the business, had a limited commercial strategy with significant opportunity to define the product value stories, customer and prospect segments, and marketing and sales strategy


  • Developed a hybrid waterfall & agile program management framework to quickly manage workloads, resourcing requirements and prioritisation of critical customer implementation and product development.
  • Managed the delivery program to ensure adherence and maximum throughput from developers to meet critical customer and product dev timelines
  • Developed a commercial strategy to maximise sales and marketing efforts, including operating model for sales and commission scheme modernisation.


  • Exceeded customer expectations on all critical deliverables, leading to return business from several large clients
  • Ability to seek larger tenders with a greater confidence that customer timelines could be achieved propelling the organisations commercial success.
  • Just-in-time growth in workforce over a 6 month period to meet the increasing demand of customers while minimising wages costs. The team grew from 10 to more than 60 employees.
  • Clear prospect segments and sales framework to convert these leads minimising wasted effort through general door-knocking.
  • Globally recognised and award winning insure-tech software platform now successfully in the market with several leading Australian insurance companies purchasing the platform.